Monday, November 2, 2009

Spend Thanksgiving Day in Costa Rica

November is here! An there is still time to book your vacation or honeymoon in Costa Rica for Thanksgiving Day. It is certainly the best time to come to Costa Rica. The rainy season is almost over and the hotel rates and tours are at its lowest. At The Costa Rican Connection you can find many discounts that range from 10% off up to 20% off on selected vacation and honeymoon packages. So what are you waiting for! Just go to or and book your vacation or honeymoon on our secure server. We are also having our new optimizable vacation packages where you can choose your hotels and activities at any of the destinations and be able to optimize your vacation according to your special interests. This is ONLY available through The Costa Rican Connection, the smart and easy way to have a hassle-free vacation that you will remember for years!


Anonymous said...

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jivkost1 said...

Hi guys,
To be in Costa Rica is a wonderful feeling belief me.
This is my favorite place and I wan go again and again.I think that everybody should to visit this place really.
For more information you just visit this site:

Best Regards,
Jivko Stefanov