Friday, June 19, 2009

Costa Rica Medical Tourism

Costa Rica has been know for its beautiful beaches, amazing volcanoes and relaxing rainforests. But it has been recently know for its medical tourism. Medical tourism is whenever a pacient travels to have any health-related problem treated and taken care of in another country. It has become more popular in developed countries like the USA because of the increasing prices in healthcare in this nation. And also because there are more and more physicians that are trained in the USA and other developed countries that have come back to Costa Rica and, therefore, healthcare in Costa Rica is with american standards that many patients are willing to take a trip to Costa Rica and pay less for many procedures that can be done in Costa Rica with the same quality of care found in the USA.

Coming to Costa Rica for any surgical procedure or dental surgery is very affordable. The prices vary according to the special needs of every patient but it is estimated that prices are 60 to 80% less than in the USA. And all these is including airfare and travel expenses in Costa Rica. Therefore, it is very understandable that more and more patients are coming to a country like Costa Rica where medical treatments are available and physicians are very professional and caring about the patients needs and demands. And with all the touristic infrastructure available in Costa Rica, every patient can have a pleasant recovery and even have a vacation in the meantime. And lets remember that it is at a fraction of the cost that they will have to pay in the USA.

Insurance is not a problem because most of the surgeries that people come to have in Costa Rica are not covered in the USA or abroad. But this might be changing in the coming years when the insurance companies in Costa Rica might start offering some options for the many patients interested in coming to Costa Rica and regularly visit their doctors in Costa Rica for their healthcare check-up. This is certainly a very attractive option and it will definitely increase the medical tourism in Costa Rica substantially.

At The Costa Rican Connection, we have been working with one of the best hospitals in Costa Rica, Hospital Clinica Biblica, and we have helped many patients come and have their health improved at state-of-the-art facilities available at this magnificent private hospital. The Hospital Clinica Biblica is among the best in Costa Rica and Central America and it is internationally certified in the field of medical tourism. Many patients have come for plastic surgery, dental procedures, orthopedics and ophthalmologic surgery that will never have been able to afford in the USA.

The Costa Rican Connection has more than 6 years in the travel industry and medical tourism is also part of our many options for travelers wanting to come to Costa Rica. If you are interested in coming to Costa Rica for vacations or for medical tourism, you can visit us at or also you can check this website where there is plenty of information about medical tourism.

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Medical tourism is the future and I'm glad that people have options. But it is important to do research before you decide to travel to another country.

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Hi guys,
I was visited Costa Rica already 2 times.
This is the the most amazing place that I has been before.When I first saw Costa Rica I fall inlove with this place.
For more information about this place you just visit this site:

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Jivko Stefanov