Thursday, January 29, 2009

Earthquake, Global Economy crisis and more...

2009 has started very difficult for Costa Rica. A global economy that is getting worse each day, an earthquake that has left one of our volcanoes with practically no tourism business and Costa Rica is still facing more down the road. But we are coming strong and we all believe that we will be able to face all these adversities. The good thing about all these is that travelers can definitely benefit from these economically tough times and get great prices in airfare and also at vacation packages. This is why you should take advantage of the great promotions we are having at the Costa Rican Connection. And for February we are going to have a sale up to a 15% off in selected vacation and honeymoon packages. These are definitely good news and more than ever, this is the perfect time to visit Costa Rica. So you can go to or and make your reservations or put on hold and pay later. At The Costa Rican Connection you can find the best online solution to your vacation plans in Costa Rica. Guaranteed!

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